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Wanda Primers and Fillers


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Wanda Primers and Fillers

Wanda 1K Putty​

A one-component fast drying nitrocellulose putty with good adhesion properties on many substrates, Wanda 1K Putty can be used directly from the tube. It is suitable for filling small scratches and minor repairs. It may also be used for the fast rectification of larger areas.​

  • Fast dry
  • Ready for immediate use​
  • Easy sanding
  • ​Not necessary to mix with hardener
  • Less time and effort needed​​

Wanda Polyester Putty Standard
Wanda Polyester Putty Standard offers good application properties. An international brand, it is sold at a competitive price. It is suitable for all applications.

  • Good sandability
  • Easy to build
  • Less time and effort needed on sanding
  • Easy to build shape and structure​​        


Wanda Polyester Putty Premium

Wanda Polyester Putty Premium provides a comprehensive range of benefits including easy application, excellent filling, easy structure building, good sandability and smooth finish. It is flexible enough to be used for different types of repairs.

  • Excellent filling properties
  • Easy to build
  • Outstanding sandability
  • Smooth finish
  • Used to fill dents and defects in all substrates
  • Easy to build shape and structure
  • Less time and effort needed
  • Allows priming with minimum effort​

Wanda 1K Multi Plastics Primer
Wanda Multi Plastics Primer is an adhesion promoter designed to prepare bare plastic parts before finishing with Wanda refinish products. It is a single component, ready-to-spray, quick-drying and colorless adhesion primer. Suitable for virtually all plastic types commonly used in passenger vehicle parts.

  • Very good adhesion on all common car plastics
  • Simplicity
  • 1K
  • Special formulation
  • One-coat application​
  • Only one plastic primer needed in the bodyshop
  • ​Less stock 
  • User friendly refinish system
  • Ready to spray
  • Unlimited pot life
  • Time and cost optimisation​

Wanda 2K Primer
Wanda 2K Primer is ideal for use in refinish applications of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It delivers high-build and easy-to-sand surfaces that translate into smooth and great finishes. Two different mixing ratios enhance the scope of this product which can be used as a high-build primer or a mid-build sanding surfacer.

  • Two mix ratios
  • High-build film thickness
  • Large application window​​
  • Universal hardener across the Wanda Refinish System
  • Very good adhesion
  • Easy to sand​
  • ​Enhanced versatility (two products in one)
  • Saves preparation time
  • Easy to use
  • Optimise results in multiple substrates
  • Minimise time and preparation cost​

Wanda 2K Epoxy Primer
Wanda 2K Epoxy Primer delivers high build, a feature rare amongst other products currently available. It provides excellent sandability, resulting in a smooth finish. This provides a refreshing experience for painters used to the less than ideal finish provided by local products. Manufactured by a MNC, it is sold at a competitive price.

  • Easy application
  • Excellent sandability
  • Smooth surface
  • Fast dry
  • Good adhesion
  • Less time and effort needed
  • Good preparation for next application
  • Desired result achieved with minimum effort​​