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Wanda Basecoat


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Wanda Basecoat

​​Wanda Basecoat MM

Wanda Basecoat offe​rs outstanding application properties, excellent opacity and consistent quality. Available in a compact toner range that can be used to mix thousands of standard and variant colors. It is recommended for any type of repair, from small spot repairs to total re-sprays. 

  • Friendly sprayability and use 
  • Strong hiding power (opacity) 
  • Compact range of 53 toners 
  • Formula retrieval system on PC or online 
  • Outstanding blendability and metallic pigment setting 
  • Global and local formulas and color tools 
  • Faster application, less defects 
  • Color accuracy and customer satisfaction 
  • Latest formulas available online 24/7 
  • Fewer coats, less material, save time and money ​
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