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About Wanda


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About Wanda

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​Wanda Is the Color!

History of Wanda

The Wanda brand, orginating from Brazil, was created in 1934 by Mr. Roque Montesano who founded the factory. The brand was given its name in honor of his daughter, Wanda, born that same year.

The product offer was developed to perform in the trade or value segment and gained a strong reputation for the leading brand in this segment for South, Central, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Wanda was acquired by AkzoNobel.

International Quality

Wanda is an international car refinish brand with consistent quality and performance. Wanda is sold in South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and North America. Supported by AkzoNobel’s extensive Research, Development & Innovation and color development group, Wanda offers you consistent quality in a market dominated by brands where consistency is often not guaranteed.

Extensive Color Capability

Especially developed for the automotive refinish market, Wanda offers a complete and highly competitive paint system. And with all the car colors of the world at your disposal, it satisfies a worldwide demand for a practical and effective car refinish system. Wanda offers thousands of different solid, metallic and pearl colors. With Wanda you can mix almost any car color with extreme precision using a minimum of mixing colors.

Value for money

Wanda provides a complete car refinishing product range that measures up to the highest standards. Yet good quality does not have to be expensive. With highly competitively priced products, Wanda stands for both quality and affordability. From primer to color to clearcoat, Wanda’s product range outperforms competition!

Wanda was acquired by AkzoNobel brand in 1974. Through this acquisition, the brand developed with the support of the company’s extensive R&D and color development group and expanded its network globally.​​

​Where we are today​...

Since its inception over 75 years ago, Wanda has become synonymous with tradition, technology and quality in automotive refinish throughout many parts of the world. Today, the Wanda brand has evolved to a global platform sold in America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Eastern and Western Europe and now Asia.

​​​Meet Wanda

Name: Wanda

Occupation: Representative of the Wanda brand. I know what the value-conscious consumer looks for in car refinish paint.

Goals: To provide your business with a quality paint system that is low cost and high profit. Your satisfaction and your customer’s satisfaction is our goal.

Likes: Accurate color match, affordable paint products, simple mixing ratios, great value

Dislikes: Overpriced refinish systems, limited color information

Looking for in a partner: Smart, goal-oriented, good work ethic, interested in business growth and success

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